sun will rise by (K)NoW_NAME (NIKIIE) [ Download + Lyrics ]

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sun will rise by (K)NoW_NAME (NIKIIE)

sun will rise by (K)NoW_NAME (NIKIIE)

Composed by : Makoto Miyazaki
Arranged by : Makoto Miyazaki
Performed by : (K)NoW_NAME (NIKIIE)
Release Date : May 18, 2016
Bitrate : 320 Kbps
Size : 10,2 MB

Lyrics sun will rise English

Let it all out.
I'm right here.
Don't be afraid to cry.

Don't be afraid
Let those tears come.
I won't go anywhere.

The sound of the door
I heard you
I ran to you
But something is wrong.
Please don't hold back
My heat will warm you
Just go on. Cry out.

Do not hold back.
Go on and weep.
Promise, I won't leave you

Please do not fear
I'm right here
beside you, layin' my head

Cry it all out
I won't leave you.
Listening, to you weep on.

The warmth of my heat
on your leg
I peer up and
Feel your heart tremble
No, don't hold back.
Just go on and cry.
Let your mind go free.

Don't be afraid.
The sun will rise.
Promise, you'll feel alright

Don't hold back,
Let it all out.
I'm here always
Never will leave your side

Cry on and on.
Let those tears come on down.
Tomorrow will come again soon.

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